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We bring Ghost Games
back to life on Sports TV.

With the Dynamic-Live-Atmo-Generator (DLA-Generator) we get the fantastic live-atmosphere of the audience and fans back home. With our fully automated live-atmosphere-engine we generate a completely authentic stadium-live-sound, which is played out scene-specifically.

The DLA generator works that easy: Based on live tracking data (from any data feed) of current live games, our automated audio engine always generates the right sound for any game scene.

The audio engine differentiates between the respective stadium size, in which the game takes place and between the potential crowds for home and away team in the stands. From a selection of hundreds of individual sound files, the right atmosphere sequence is automatically assigned to any live playing situation, and the DLA generator also recognizes when the flow of play picks up pace and tension builds up in the potential audience.

In addition, our audio engine can be individualised for each football stadium, i.e. club-typical fan chants and fan anthems can be added to the sound folder of each venue - so that the supporters feel as if they were directly in the stadium.

The DLA-Generator is exactly

The right B2B solution for:

B2B Solution

Dynamic-Live-Atmo kommt in jedes Stadion

Der DLA-Generator garantiert:

Significant increase

SIgnificant increase

in acceptance for games behind closed doors on TV with sound option for fan atmosphere



audience ratings, reach and market shares for live games in the target group

no additional staff

no additional staff

needed from your side to operate the generator

fully Automated

fully Automated

audio system, with uncomplicated, fast and low priced integration

The Facts:

Sound Samples

Hundreds of different single-events linked to dynamically parameterized game states

Dynamic game adaptations

Dynamic assignment of different game scenes and seperated courses of the game

Authentic Fan sound

The audio engine is based on hundreds of international archived football games


For each stadium an individual atmosphere can be generated by including club anthems, stadium characteristics, fan chants etc.

Use as sound option

Viewers at home can chosse the sound option with a mix of fan atmosphere and original stadium sound of the ghost scenery.

It‘s that easy

Immediately available as audio stream through our API

Hosted Solution

The DLA Generator is server-based and therefore highly scalable

Live Data feed

The integration or provision of a realtime live data feed is required

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